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Cascadians in the Spotlight: Beck Meisenheimer

March 23, 2023

At Cascade, “Be Industrious” and “Learn Constantly”, are two of our core values that continuously elevate our client delivery and foster a healthy company culture. As Cascadians embody these ideals, the sky is the limit in our pursuit of industrial energy efficiency and decarbonization. We each have an opportunity to grow and make a tangible difference.

Meet Beck Meisenheimer, a program management rockstar at Cascade, who has consistently achieved upward growth since joining us in 2016. Beck has demonstrated excellence in our energy efficiency coaching work with Sysco, National Grid, VEIC and NYSERDA, serving as a project engineer, technical lead and SEM coach. He now leads our NYSERDA SEM On Demand program, as both program manager and technical coach. Additionally, he supports customer engagement/business development efforts in the East Territory.

However, Beck isn’t just leading the NYSERDA work – he’s crafting it.


A Unique Approach to Energy Efficiency Coaching

In 2020, NYSERDA sought to restructure its SEM offering to increase participation and better lend itself to virtual delivery. Cascade and its partner, VEIC, considered these goals and designed a new program: SEM On Demand. Beck was instrumental in creating this innovative approach to Strategic Energy Management. He is now dedicated to continually assuring that this program delights our partners and clients with its agile, adaptive energy efficiency coaching.

Beck thrives in Cascade’s environment of continuous development. In his own words, “I’ve never been comfortable sitting still for long. For better or worse, as soon as something feels steady, I am looking to add in something new.” Growth-mindset shines through in Beck’s perspective on energy efficiency work. And he’s not just talking about his own path.


Shared Success

Beck’s passion for growth is contagious and he actively nurtures his teams, mentoring fellow Cascadians as they pursue their goals.

“I am quite focused on helping the teams I am a part of be successful …  helping the individuals on these teams find fulfillment at work and grow in the ways they want to.”

The ability to positively influence others is what initially attracted him to Cascade. Beck recalls being impressed by the use of atypical words in the project engineering job description, highlighting empathy and listening skills. These are traits not typically associated with engineering roles.  These qualities, however, are what enable Cascade to deliver excellent energy efficiency coaching every day.


One Eye on the Horizon

For these reasons, Beck is enthusiastic about Cascade’s future, as the company takes energy efficiency very seriously. He believes Cascade is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive solutions to the industrial community’s most significant challenges. Our services and support provide an unparalleled foundation in helping our clients achieve their energy efficiency goals.

Beck’s commitment to the work in front of him, while embracing the challenges and opportunities ahead is truly what makes him an exemplary Cascadian – and an excellent kiteboarder! When he closes his laptop for the day, Beck enjoys spending time out on the water or hanging out with his kids. Preferably both – always keeping one eye on the horizon.

Thank you, Beck, for the talent and dedication you bring to all you do, and for making Cascade an exceptional place to work. Cascade is thrilled to have you on the team!

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