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Combined heat and power (CHP) generator at Arla burning renewable natural gas to make electricity and hot water

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Emerging Technologies in Energy Efficiency & Decarbonization

February 29, 2024

As reducing emissions and cutting energy waste increasingly become priorities for utilities and end-users, the role of emerging technology grows.  

New technologies are continuously being developed to help drive energy efficiency and decarbonization forward. Over the years, we have seen innovations across technology strategies, systems, and equipment that have greatly advanced the completion of energy savings goals across the board. 

2023 was no different. Much progress was made in advancing emerging technologies that have the potential to transform industrial production, including continuation of funding opportunities supporting the acceleration of decarbonization projects in energy-intensive industries. 


Our Work

Through our work we engage with a wide variety of industry stakeholders, such as emerging technology developers, industrial decarbonization experts whose expertise complements ours, regional and national energy associations, and industrial clients seeking to decarbonize their operations. This wide reach allows us to expand our knowledge and provide the most advanced energy efficiency and decarbonization services possible. 

One area of emerging technology that we see the most potential for growth is Industrial Heat Pumps (IHPs). Our current work with IHPs focuses on helping industrial customers understand the strengths and weaknesses of this emerging technology, gain access to incentives, and meet industry and environmental goals.  

Our team is fully committed to learning, gaining first-hand experience and sharing our knowledge with customers, partners, and industry members. Most recently, Cascade Engineering Director, Alan Moran shared some of our findings on strategies to overcome the barriers to the widespread adoption of IHPs at the annual Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) conference. 


Alan Moran presenting at AESP in 2024


What’s Next

There is still a tremendous amount of progress that needs to be made to help push industrial decarbonization forward, and we are committed to expanding the conversation on emerging technologies capable of supporting industrial decarbonization, and the modernization of demand-side management. 

We provide innovative, tailored decarbonization and energy efficiency solutions that cut energy waste and operational expenses for the end-user by conducting research of market characteristics, challenges, and existing and emerging technologies. 

Reach out to one of our energy experts to learn more! 

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