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Watt's Next? Boosting Industrial Efficiency!

We know the stakes are high. You need cost-effective savings, and your mandate is changing. The energy-intensive industrial, agricultural, and commercial sectors hold opportunities when other sources run dry. 

At Cascade Energy, we create high-performance, behind-the-meter energy efficiency, demand management, and decarbonization programs that reduce industrial energy consumption, GHG emissions, and shape peak loads. 

Strategic Energy Management

Beyond Energy Efficiency


Demand-Side Management Benefits: Industry and Agriculture

Cost-Effective Savings

The energy-intensive industrial and agricultural sectors are often a utility’s best option for cost-effective savings and can keep delivering long after other sources of energy savings have dried up.

Deep Savings

The opportunities for savings from these sectors go far beyond widget-based measures, and include system and process optimization, and segment or size-specific programs tailored to wastewater, water, food industry, and small or mid-size customers.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Through energy-efficiency programs that are long-term and customer oriented, Cascade helps you build deeper, more trusting relationships with your industrial and ag customers while lining up a strong pipeline of future savings.

Meet an Expert

Siva Sethuraman

Siva Sethuraman, Cascade’s Senior Director of Business Development, collaborates with utilities to design and implement uniquely effective programs that deliver measurable, long-term savings from happy and engaged customers.

His 25-year career in the energy sector includes time leading the industrial and agricultural energy-efficiency programs for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

Siva’s current focus is the design, launch, scaling, and stabilization of several new industrial, agricultural, and commercial programs across the Western US.

With Cascade managing programs for all four California investor-owned utilities and other entities, he is keeping very busy!

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