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We wrote the book on Industrial Refrigeration best practices.

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Cascade Energy is Your Cooling Expert

Cascade Energy engineers have consistently maintained a sharp focus on industrial refrigeration and vapor-compression ammonia systems.

Through the completion of well over 2,000 refrigeration projects, our engineers have identified many energy efficiency measures that are under-implemented, yet highly impactful. As part of Cascade’s approach of pursuing more comprehensive energy-saving projects, we work with clients and their trusted vendors to include these measures where they are a good fit.

Here are our top 8 energy efficiency projects in refrigeration:

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The Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program

The Better Plants program helps participants identify energy conservation opportunities, quantify savings, and implement projects. Cascade Energy produced the curriculum for and provides in-person and remote training through their program on refrigeration. The curriculum was designed to promote collaboration among range of facility staff, including refrigeration operators, plant engineers, and corporate energy managers.

Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide

Our book, the Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide, now in its third edition, identifies and discusses best practices for making industrial refrigeration systems both energy efficient and productive. The highest levels of efficiency in these systems are achieved through a combination of design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and a robust energy management program.

This book is for those seeking insights into approaches to refrigeration systems that cost less to operate, are reliable, can maintain accurate temperatures in refrigerated spaces, help ensure that processing equipment operates consistently, and can meet varying production needs.