Identify and implement low-cost energy saving projects.

What is retrocommissioning?

Retrocommissioning (RCx) is a systematic process for optimizing building energy use, system and equipment operation, and other aspects of facility performance. Utility RCx programs focuses on identifying and implementing low-cost energy saving projects, to reduce a facility’s operating costs.

Utilities across the U.S. have successfully offered large-scale RCx programs since 2007. Due to those programs, facilities reduced their energy use by 5% on average, at little cost to the facility owners. 

Each facility is unique, and the RCx process accommodates that. RCx is not a set list of potential projects, it’s a customized process that’s tailored to the needs of each facility. The process of energy-focused RCx consists of the following overall phases:


Select the RCx team, conduct a kickoff meeting, define roles and responsibilities, review building documentation, analyze energy data.


Conduct an in-depth assessment of the facility's systems, identify low-cost energy savings projects, calculate potential energy savings for those projects, develop a list of the identified projects.


Select projects for implementation, develop and execute an implementation plan for each of those projects.


Plan for persistence, update facility documentation, train staff and end users.

Cascade Services

How can we help?

Cascade Energy has led the RCx process at over 1,100 industrial and commercial facilities since 2000. Most of those included a follow-up phase of at least one year to guide facilities through implementation, in addition to the typical RCx process steps.

Our engineers have deep experience with facility energy systems and cost-effective methods for optimizing their performance. These systems include refrigeration, HVAC, compressed air, chillers, lighting, wastewater, steam, and others typically found in industrial and commercial facilities. 

In addition to leading the RCx process at individual facilities, we have experience implementing utility RCx programs. 

Cascade has the tools and expertise to help facilities cost-effectively reduce their operating costs and maintain optimal energy performance for years to come.

Meet an Expert

Dave Moser

Dave Moser, a Principal Engineer at Cascade Energy, is an experienced energy efficiency engineer adept at leading RCx  projects, tune-ups, and strategic energy management (SEM) programs. For the first 10 years of his career, Dave designed high-performance HVAC systems for commercial and industrial facilities. His strong analytical and problem-solving skills help him analyze situations and identify effective technical solutions that lead to real bottom-line improvement for customers.