DOE's Onsite Energy Program

Technical Assistance and resources for industrial facilities and large energy users.

Achieve site-specific energy objectives

Onsite Energy Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs)

To assist the US Department of Energy’s Onsite Energy Program, Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs) provide direct technical assistance to industrial facilities and other large energy users with identifying and implementing technology options for achieving site-specific energy objectives. 

Technical assistance for end users can include a broad range of services in support of onsite energy project deployment, from the earliest stages of screening for multi-technology solutions, to the end stages of post-installation operation.

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Why reach out to your TAP

Onsite energy technical assistance services at no cost to the industrial client

A national network of experts on state-of-the-art solutions

Information on available government incentives

Help on how to overcome challenges and barriers to decarbonization

Cascade Energy is your Upper-West Onsite Energy TAP

As the selected Onsite Energy TAP for the Upper-West region (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY), Cascade Energy brings tailored, regional expertise to advise on economic, environmental, regulatory, and other issues impacting the adoption of onsite clean energy technologies.

Our work is aimed at supporting the DOE’s industrial decarbonization strategy by engaging with industrial facilities and other stakeholders. 

Our goal is to transform and stimulate the marketplace through increased consideration and adoption of onsite energy generation and storage technologies.

Our team engages with end-users and other stakeholders to perform technical tasks, including technology screenings and analyses. We also provide support for siting and permitting, project finance planning, scope development, and other requests for technical assistance.

Meet your Upper-West TAP Directors

Doug Heredos - Director

Doug is an experienced program manager with extensive knowledge of industrial and agricultural energy efficiency program implementation and strategic energy management (SEM).

Alex Cimino-Hurt – Assistant Director

Alex is an energy efficiency professional with nearly 10 years of experience in commercial- and industrial-sector energy efficiency.