Decarbonize, Efficiently

One of the biggest threats to your company is being caught unprepared when decarbonization moves from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

Scope 1 & 2 Emissions

Our Efficiency-First Approach to Decarbonizing Industry

By choosing to implement hundreds of small energy efficiency projects first, with an ‘and not or’ mentality, industrial facilities are set up to make a larger impact over time.  

There are often solutions with a negative cost of carbon that can be implemented first so that  you can address solutions with associated costs later. It’s often cheaper to reduce carbon emissions than to continue emitting them. 

This approach also places an emphasis on a persistent and aggressive reduction of Scope 1  and Scope 2 emissions that will take collaboration between the C-suite and facilities teams. 

Through our work with industrial facilities, applying this efficiency-first approach, we have created a Decarbonization Framework to further assist our customers in their decarbonization journeys.

The Six Guiding Principles to Decarbonizing, Efficiently:



Cascade Energy has a proven history of helping multi-sited industrial companies cut their plant energy intensity in half using this Decarbonize, Efficiently approach. We are committed to being your decarbonization partner as you navigate this challenge. 

Paired with our Energy Sensei software and our ever-growing knowledge of emerging technology, we are prepared to guide you to achieving your company’s decarbonization goals.

A True Decarbonization Partner

We have worked with thousands of industrial facilities across North America, and their utilities. We’ve learned a thing or two about saving energy and  helping companies find and take advantage of utility incentives. We’re eager to put that knowledge to work for you. 

With Cascade Energy at your side, you’re not just hitting sustainability targets. You’re driving efficiency and boosting your bottom line. Let’s explore what  decarbonization can do for your business.

Your Challenges →

For everyone in the industry focused on cutting carbon emissions, maintaining productivity levels and preserving health and safety are imperative.

A Proven Process →

How will you achieve your decarbonization goals? The recipe for success (and significant ROI) is efficiency-first decarbonization—making low and no-cost improvements that fund initiatives like clean generation and electrification.

Our Team →

Who is Cascade Energy? We’re a group of experienced professionals dedicated to making industrial energy efficiency happen in smart, measurable, and sustained ways.

Utility and Government Incentives →

Utilities and government entities offer cash incentives for Facilities like yours to implement energy efficiency and Other sustainability initiatives. Cascade can help you Identify the ones that are right for your business.

Cascade's Emissions Reduction Planning (ERP) Framework

Scope 1 and 2 Emissions chart

Source: Cascade Energy; analysis of representative projects

Going big on energy efficiency across all sites produces valuable cost savings and is the lowest cost form of decarbonization. These early wins will come from “teams of teams” across the organization in the form of front-loaded low- and no-cost operations and maintenance energy savings projects.

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Set a


Assess footprint & make a data collection plan.


Set up reporting and disclosure process.


Make action plan
and timeline.


Act, monitor
and maintain.


Analyze, verify,
build culture.