State and Federal Programs

Partnering with government and industry for a carbon-neutral future.

Reduce Industrial Energy Waste

Meeting federal, state and local decarbonization goals

30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are from the industrial sector. Industrial emissions are among the hardest to abate and will require both near-term and long-term decarbonization strategies. As the need to reduce GHG emissions has broadened and intensified, federal, state and local governments now find themselves with responsibility for setting, reaching, and maintaining decarbonization goals. 

Decarbonizing an entire state, city, or county is a challenge. Not only are the energy offices faced with constraints such as limited staff, capital, and divergent production requirements across their constituencies, they need a clear, actionable path forward. As progress is made through easy to abate sectors such as residential and commercial, the time to  plan and work towards the harder to abate industrial sector is now.  

The place to start is energy efficiency. Eliminating energy waste is effective. It can be implemented right now, and ensures that other, more expensive decarbonization methods down the road are right-sized. We can help your state meet your decarbonization goals by tackling the industrial sector. If you have a plan to decarbonize your industrial sector, we can help you execute it. If you don’t have that plan yet, we can help you create it, too.  

State Energy Programs

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Government Incentives

States can leverage their funds with utility incentives and federal grants to help make energy efficiency and decarbonization more affordable. 

Here are current government incentives Cascade Energy can assist you with:

IAC Implementation Grants

Onsite Energy TAP

Utility Incentives

USDA Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Grants

Meet an Expert

Shelly Adams

Shelly Adams, Director of Business Development, is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships in government, market transformation, and emerging technology. She is adept at navigating the complex landscape of government programs and funding and enjoys the challenge of matching client needs to resources that enable them to implement projects to achieve energy efficiency and decarbonization goals.