Strategic Energy Management

Operations & maintenance savings today. Capital projects tomorrow. Engaged customers forever.

Strategic Energy Management

Cost-effective, measurable, sustained savings

Working with Cascade means tapping into a decade of Strategic Energy Management expertise that’s already benefited over 500 industrial sites. Our tailored approach ensures you get an SEM program designed for your customer base’s unique needs. You’re not just getting a program implementer; you’re getting a partner renowned for continuous innovation. We help organizations structure their energy teams, establish goals, get executive buy-in, and build an understanding of where and how energy is used. 

Elements of SEM


Optimize equipment and operations for energy savings.


Delivery to small groups of companies.


Energy Sensei measures and tracks energy savings and projects.


Coaches guide in SEM practices and project execution.


Start with low-cost savings; plan bigger projects for later.

A Strong Pipeline of Low-Cost Energy Savings

Companies harvest immediate, cost-effective energy savings through operations and maintenance (O&M) opportunities while laying the foundation for continuous growth in savings.

This requires both persistence of existing savings and the addition of new, harder-to-achieve energy saving projects.

A sharp increase in longer lead-time capital projects from SEM participants makes SEM delivery even more cost effective.

Cascade SEM at a Glance

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Positive Relationships with Engaged Customers

Participants who understand how energy impacts their businesses are more willing to engage with their utilities and get help to become more efficient.

Companies begin to see their utility as a partner in energy efficiency, and participation in other utility programs increases.

Additionally, many SEM programs we offer bring industrial facilities together in a cohort format, giving peers the opportunity to share and learn from each other. Friendships form, and a supportive community is born.

Ongoing SEM Program Customers

Meet an Expert

Brian Crumrine

Brian Crumrine, one of Cascade’s veteran SEM coaches and now a Program Director, is well suited to describe the elements of successful SEM.

Brian has worked on utility-sponsored SEM programs for a dozen years, playing key roles in developing SEM curriculum for the Energy Trust of Oregon, Rocky Mountain Power, Bonneville Power Administration, and ComEd.

Through our experience with SEM programs, we have found that the keys to a successful program are:  Leadership support, savings achieved quickly through O&M fine-tuning early in the engagement, a dedicated energy team and executive sponsor, and engaged, accountable employees.

Of all the tools we have developed to support cohort participants, Energy Sensei is the most crucial. One goal of SEM is to help participants connect actions to results—to see the impact of their efforts. That’s what Energy Sensei does. Energy Sensei is the hub for successful energy management.


"Based on my experience evaluating strategic energy management programs, I know of only a handful of companies in the country that can deliver a strategic energy management program effectively, and Cascade is one of them."

Hossein Haeri, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Cadmus Group*


"As pioneers in this field, Cascade has unique, deep experience in SEM. They consistently offer strong technical expertise plus well-developed skills in training, coaching, and facilitation to drive change and energy savings from participants."

Kim Crossman
Owner & Principal
Great Work Energy (former Industry and Agriculture Sector Lead for Energy Trust of Oregon)

great works energy logo

"Overall, the team’s data collection and documentation can serve as the industry standard for SEM programs."

Industrial Strategic Energy Management Impact Evaluation Report
SBW Consulting and The Cadmus Group*


*These quotes reference the SEM component of the Energy Smart Industrial program that Cascade Energy delivers on behalf of the Bonneville Power Administration.