Cascade Energy cares about the welfare, safety, and ethical behavior of its employees and representatives. Our company values include Do The Right Thing, Put Others First, and Seek Shared Success, and every employee is held to these standards whenever and wherever they are performing work. These values are also interwoven into Cascade’s culture regarding safety and data security.

Data Security

We are committed to keeping customer data secure by following industry standards for information security controls and maintaining SOC II Type II certification as verified by an annual 3rd party auditor. These information security controls create a robust framework for not only technical controls (e.g. asset management or physical access) but also for how Cascade monitors and assesses data security risks, respond to threats and ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster or emergency situation. For more information, read Cascade’s Energy Sensei Statement on Security.


Cascade Energy takes seriously the safety of its employees and all those we encounter through our work, whether at a Cascade office or off site. Employees are required to complete regular safety trainings and comply with all company safety rules, and are encouraged to participate in making Cascade Energy and our customer facilities safer places to work. We ask our customers, subcontractors, vendors, and anyone else to report any unsafe acts using the reporting tool below.

Compliance Reporting Tool

The Compliance Reporting Tool may be used to anonymously report any safety, data security, ethical, or other concern arising from work with Cascade Energy or our employees. This form is sent to Cascade’s Human Resources department.

You are not required to identify yourself, and we do not track IP addresses. When you submit a report via this tool, it is seen only by our Human Resources Manager and, as needed, Cascade’s Legal Counsel. They will confer and take appropriate steps to investigate, escalate as needed, follow up, and seek resolution.

Contact Us

This report is anonymous. We may be limited in our ability to follow up, but an anonymous report does not mean that we won’t investigate to the best of our ability. If you are comfortable sharing your name with us, please include it here along with an email address and/or contact phone number. We will meet with you confidentially to investigate further.