Beyond Energy Efficiency

decarbonization solutions

In today's energy landscape, it's not just about meeting demand; it's about shaping it responsibly.

By integrating a demand-side management program focused on both carbon savings and energy efficiency, utilities can proactively navigate the challenges of our changing climate. 

What’s in it for the utility? First, you’ll strengthen your brand by positioning yourself as a sustainable, future-ready utility. Second, by reducing peak  demand through efficient energy use, you’ll see cost savings and improved system reliability. Finally, engaging customers in this endeavor enhances loyalty  and establishes your utility as a leader in driving the green energy transition.  


To truly thrive, it’s crucial to have a structured program, clear metrics, and open channels for feedback and continuous improvement. Let’s chart this sustainable path together and make your utility the gold standard in responsible energy management. 


to understand the market opportunities and challenges related to decarbonizing your industrial sector customers.


viable decarbonization solutions.


in a high-emitting and critical economic sector who are willing to consider decarbonization technologies.


with integrated energy efficiency savings.


of industrial decarbonization emerging technologies.


market transformation needed to achieve its net zero targets.

Not sure where to start?

Cascade Energy can support with Decarbonization Assessments:

Decarbonization Assessments

Development of systems and equipment-focused feasibility and customer needs assessments.

Identify range of potential viable opportunities

Efficiency, electrification, renewables, process changes, and on-site generation opportunities.

Identify / quantify economics of potential opportunities

Collect baseline energy and emissions data

Customer needs assessments answers

“What information, resource, or other gaps does the customer need to fill to decide to implement decarbonization solutions.”