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Trade Allies

You help your customers save energy. Utilities provide incentives to help get your solutions deployed.

Utilities across North America offer their customers cash incentives to implement energy saving solutions. It’s their  way to manage the rising demand for power. For businesses, this means when you sell equipment that saves energy, not only is it appealing to buyers, but the cost barrier is also lowered due to these incentives. It’s a win-win:  your equipment gets an edge in the market, and customers find it more affordable. 

How to become a Trade Ally?

Cascade Energy serves utilities from coast-to-coast. We can help you find the utility programs that are best suited for your offerings. Once we identify potential utilities, we can help you learn how to become a registered trade ally for the applicable programs. Initial questions we will ask: 

Where do you sell your products / services?

What markets do you serve? (customer size, industries)

What energy savings and/or environmental benefits do end-users receive?

Company Types We Work With:

Want to Become a Trade Ally?

We would love to help you complete projects and get incentives.

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