Effectively managing your facility’s energy use and costs can help you gain a key competitive advantage.

Energy management is not only good for your bottom line, but it can also help reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that many industrial corporations demand from their suppliers.

Start saving energy and money today

Whether you have a single facility or many, and regardless of your industry, Cascade can help you manage and get your energy consumption and costs under control.

With 20 years of industrial energy-efficiency experience, Cascade has the skills and hands-on expertise to analyze systems and processes, identify opportunities, and deliver savings.

Cascade customers who have implemented multi-year energy management programs show continuous improvement with 25% to 30% reductions in annual energy spend.

Average three-year energy savings
Potential 10-year energy savings



Josh Bachman

Josh Bachman, Cascade’s director of customer engagement, works with our corporate customers to develop innovative energy management programs targeted to their specific operations, priorities, and interests. 

Josh’s 18 years of experience at Cascade includes providing technical expertise as an industrial energy-efficiency project engineer and developing and launching award-winning programs for utility demand-side management programs. These roles have given him extensive experience in what works in energy management programs (and what doesn’t). He guides customers in developing programs focused on low-cost changes that result in immediate cost and energy savings.


Cascade is ready to help your customers manage their energy use.