Wasted energy equals wasted profit

Yet, this is the reality facing many industrial companies, because cutting energy waste is hard.


  • It’s not your priority.
  • It’s not your core competency.
  • Your opportunities vary from site to site.
  • It requires your people to change.

It’s no wonder so many companies resign themselves to simply paying the utility bill every month and focusing their time and attention elsewhere.

Cascade works with the companies that don’t accept this reality. Our customers choose to focus on their energy use with the goals of saving money and boosting profits, just like they do in the other parts of their business.

Our Approach

elements of industrial energy management

Our team is dedicated to helping companies create operational excellence in how they use and manage energy at their industrial facilities.

Cascade will not only save you money. We’ll provide you with the tools and expertise necessary to shift your organization’s culture to one that ensures energy savings continue for years to come.

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We deliver results

By optimizing how you operate your systems and equipment, we will cut your energy use by 8% to 15% through low- and no-cost improvements alone.

This success fuels capital improvements that deliver further savings and creates lasting transformative change on energy in your company. One of our successes is with Sysco Corporation. Sysco’s energy use is down more than 40% since partnering with Cascade in 2006.

What makes us different

  • We offer unparalleled expertise in industrial energy efficiency and over 25 years of experience at thousands of industrial facilities, helping them save money by saving energy.
  • Our multidisciplinary team has achieved industry-leading results at all sorts of facilities—from refrigerated warehouses to paper mills—across North America.
  • Our Energy Sensei software will help your energy teams track savings and project implementation, establish persistence strategies, report results, and export data.
  • No matter how many facilities you have, we can scale accordingly.
Let us show you what you’re capable of.
preview of industrial refrigeration best practices guide

Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide

Cascade Energy engineers have expertise in a wide variety of energy system and industries, but we have consistently maintained a sharp focus on industrial refrigeration and vapor-compression ammonia systems.

Our book, the Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide, is now in its third edition.


Barbara Dusicka

Barbara Dusicka, Cascade’s Vice President of Technology and Internal Operations, leads the development of our energy management and collaboration software Energy Sensei. With nearly two decades in industrial engineering and energy efficiency, she understands that making energy efficiency happen requires a combination of data, specialized knowledge, motivation, and hands-on implementation.

Thanks to Barbara, our Energy Sensei software focuses on what works to drive action and helps teams collaborate to build persistent energy savings in their workplace.

Cascade is ready to help you manage your energy use.