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Spotlighting Cascade’s Core Values: Seek Shared Success

February 23, 2023

This article is part of a series highlighting Cascade’s Five Core Values – Seek Shared Success, Put Others First, Be Industrious, Learn Constantly and Do The Right Thing. 


“We are not just a company of engineers, but a company full of smart, educated, and worldly folks full of varied skills and knowledge. When we see an opportunity to share with a person or group that we think can benefit from it, we jump in to help.”

– Kristy Nicholas


Celebrating the Wins We Achieve Together 

Cascade Energy is known for being a values-driven company. We strive for outcomes that benefit us all: our company, each of us individually, our clients, our partners, and our environment. Our core value of “Seek Shared Success” fuels and empowers our daily efforts to be a collaborative, supportive workplace.  

We want our team members to be proud of the work they’re doing and tell people about their experiences, while doing it in a modest, balanced way that shows appreciation for our customers and celebrates the wins we’ve achieved together.   


Collective Ownership 

 “When we work as a team and have collective ownership over a product, we are able to achieve better results,” says Cascade’s Energy Sensei Director, Jinsy Oommen. She recently identified “Seek Shared Success” as her favorite Cascade Core Value. Here’s why:  

“Collaboration and the sense of accomplishment that comes from contributing to the success of a team helps to create a positive and productive work environment. In turn, this motivates each Cascadian to give their best effort.” 


Powerful Partnerships 

Our commitment to seek shared success has brought valuable opportunities to partner with well-respected companies, bringing added value to our clients. Cascade’s Northeast Territory team has enjoyed several years of growth and success from one such partnership with VEIC.  

Cascade has been delivering cohort-based SEM for NYSERDA to both industrial and wastewater cohorts since 2017 as a subcontractor to Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC).  In 2020, NYSERDA sought to restructure its SEM offering to increase participation and better lend itself to virtual delivery. Together, Cascade and VEIC considered these goals and designed a new program: SEM On Demand.   

Through agile collaboration, the program delivery teams were able to assess participant roadblocks from a variety of perspectives and craft innovative solutions, elevating the client’s experience and achievements. This powerful partnership empowered all three entities to work smarter and deliver big. Additionally, it continues to bring Cascade a variety of welcomed opportunities in the Northeast region. One example is our exciting new work with Eversource 


Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts  

Kristy Nicholas, Senior Program Specialist on Cascade’s PacifiCorp programs, has noticed that when certain skills are needed to complete a task, there is usually a line of Cascadians offering their knowledge and experience.  This generosity and support creates strong relationships of mutual respect. When we acknowledge the value of team effort, we learn to trust one another and recognize our collective strengths. As a result, we benefit, our clients benefit, and our planet benefits. 

Kristy noted how proud she is to work at a company that actively nurtures shared success. She shared, “We always pull together as a team to produce the best work we can.” 

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