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Spotlighting Cascade’s Core Values: Learn Constantly

At Cascade Energy we value the personal and professional growth of each of our employees. We recognize the importance of continuous learning not only for the continued success of Cascade but also for each Cascadian’s happiness and fulfillment at work. 

To ensure that this idea of growth became part of everyday life at Cascade, it became our company value, Learn Constantly. This means to be enthusiastic and comfortable with the never-ending, learning and growth process. 

One of the ways that we encourage Cascadians to Learn Constantly is through our annual Development Plans. This process allows employees to pursue development goals that align with their career interests, desired skills and Cascade’s business objectives. 

Every year, Cascadians plan, create and work on development plans with the support of team members, managers and the organization as a whole.  

Development Plans and the supportive, learning-focused culture that our Learn Constantly value nurtures have allowed us to grow as a company and for our employees to continue their career growth within Cascade.  

From an employee perspective, having the ability to explore continuous learning opportunities in the workplace can contribute to increased adaptability, career advancement, heightened creativity, improved confidence, and stronger problem-solving abilities. These are skills that can be translated to all industries, career paths, and organizations. 

For Cascade, we also see benefits from encouraging our employees to continue learning throughout their careers. Since implementing our development plan process, we have seen an increase in productivity, more innovation and creativity in the workplace, higher-quality work produced, and overall, a higher retention rate. By fostering an environment that not only welcomes learning but requires it, we have seen our employees thrive, advance, adapt, and choose to stay at Cascade.  

We are constantly looking for ways to grow as individuals and as Cascade, together. If you would like to join us on this journey, we are always looking for new talent. Check out our open positions page, or sign-up to join our talent community for updates on future positions. 

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