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Say Hello to Energy Sensei – the energy management software platform

January 15, 2021

Cascade Energy proudly presents a new name and look for SENSEI, our energy management software platform that is the hub of management programs for utilities and corporations. We recently added the Performance module to our robust suite of tools and decided we are ready for a brand refresh. Since 2012, we’ve grown the platform to help Strategic Energy Management programs, industrial facilities, and corporate customers operate more efficiently and deliver cost-effective savings. We are proud to introduce you to Energy Sensei.

The new name—Energy Sensei—draws a clearer connection to the business of saving energy through coaching, teaching, and guidance. Cascade’s wealth of experience in this field is reflected in the software. With Sensei and a little practice, you will become the Energy Sensei of your organization, leading your team to save energy, time, and money!

The new Energy Sensei logo incorporates fresh colors and is part of a broader effort to make everything in the product clear and readable. We eliminated the stacked color bars used in the original and updated the font for a cleaner, more readable logo. Essentially, Cascade Energy values streamlined efficiency and we created a logo to match.

While powerful software is important, it is only one of three requirements for successful energy management. The other two are having an established program and an engaged team. With help from Energy Sensei, Cascade Energy aims to deliver 8,000 GWh of sustained, annual energy savings by 2028—equivalent to the electric energy use of 650,000 typical homes. This goal guides our work every single day.

There’s more to come! We are excited to roll out powerful new features to Energy Sensei in 2021 and beyond. Cascade Energy will continue to implement high-quality SEM programs, coach energy teams, and demonstrate the value of energy-saving activities.

Today, the energy management software platform, Energy Sensei, is used on multiple continents, in hundreds of facilities, and for more than a dozen utility-based, demand-side management program offerings. Reach out today to learn how Energy Sensei can help you save energy.

Hello, Energy Sensei – you’re looking good!

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