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Industrial Heat Pumps Workshop at ACEEE Summer Study

Last week, the ACEEE’s Industry Summer Study offered a platform for leading industry voices to discuss and share critical insights into the current industrial decarbonization landscape.  Among the attendees, our Principal Engineer, Steve Koski, took the stage to shed light on the increasingly important future of Industrial Heat Pumps, and the motivations and barriers to implementation we’re seeing out in the field. 

In our experience, we have encountered cases where IHP projects move forward to be implemented as an effective method of decarbonization. However, in some instances, the barriers to their implementation were too formidable. 

The most important drivers behind IHP adoption for our customers include: 

  • Reducing energy costs 
  • Minimizing CO2 emissions 
  • Meeting CO2 regulatory requirements 

Clients, motivated by these factors, were more inclined to adopt IHPs as a way to achieve energy efficiency and decarbonization goals.  

Comparatively, these were the most common barriers discouraging clients from successfully including IHPs in their strategies. 

  • High equipment and operating costs 
  • Challenges in design & integration  
  • Temperature limitations 
  • Risks associated with new technologies 
  • Concerns about the lack of adoption among competitors, resulting in the fear that the technology might not work 

Recognizing the weight of these barriers to our customers’ decision-making, we’ve identified next steps to overcome these hurdles and successfully integrate IHPs. 

  • Beachhead Projects: Focus resources on a working IHP integration strategy and build it into a strong part of your overall decarbonization plan. 
  • Financial SupportThere are an increasing number of tax credits, incentives and funding opportunities that can be applied to IHP implementation and help overcome the cost barrier. 
  • Industry Development: Advances are being made in education and the workforce that will allow for more seamless IHP inclusion in your energy efficiency and decarbonization roadmaps. 

Today, decarbonization is now being recognized as an integral part of the energy efficiency process. Likewise, Industrial Heat Pumps are gaining momentum as a crucial instrument in this transition.   

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