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Michael Koch speaks to students about how different light bulbs use different amounts of electricity and generate different amounts of heat.

Cascade Team

iEngineer STEM Camp

October 12, 2023

In August, 60 teens participated in iUrban Teen’s iEngineer STEM Camp held at Washington State University’s Vancouver campus. The program provides underprivileged students exposure to the engineering field through engaging, hands-on activities with practicing engineers.  

This year’s camp featured workshops on civil engineering, electrical engineering, architecture and robotics. As a local partner, Cascade Energy was able to work directly with the students, teaching basic skills and offering insight into what a career in STEM may look like. 

Four Cascadians, Victoria Sonoda-Casper, Sara York, Michael Koch, and Kyle Huth, attended the camp in Vancouver, marking the third year Cascade has participated. They held a workshop on household energy efficiency which drew heavily on previous curriculum developed with assistance from Cascadians Tracie Tran and Alberto Pezzani and featured “Kill-A-Watt” power measurements of common household appliances, an exercise bike, and thermal imaging of different types of light bulbs. 

“Being able to spend a day sharing my passion with curious you adults was such a gift! Their ability to explore with little assumptions and more curiosity not only benefits their learning but reminds me to approach problems with an open mind.  I look forward to coming back next year! (and will be looking to recruit fellow engineers!)” – Michael Koch 

To learn more about iUrban Teen and their iEngineer programs, check out their website. 

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