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Energy Trust Selects Cascade for Production Efficiency Program Delivery

August 23, 2018

Following a formal solicitation process, Energy Trust of Oregon recently announced the selection of Cascade Energy to manage and deliver a portion of its Production Efficiency Program starting in 2019. We will be engaging with industrial customers to identify, develop, and support the implementation of energy-saving projects. This work includes strategic energy management (SEM) consulting, energy engineering for capital projects, and outreach to underserved businesses to increase program participation. We have been assigned Energy Trust’s Territory 1. Cascade, along with our subcontracted delivery partner AESC, is looking forward to using our strong industrial expertise and relationships to drive deeper savings within the Territory.

Production Efficiency is a comprehensive demand-side management (DSM) program that has served Oregon businesses for more than 10 years. Capital and SEM projects generate the majority of the program’s electric and natural gas savings and have historically been delivered by pools of separate contractors. Starting in 2019, Energy Trust is consolidating these Production Efficiency program services under three contractors to gain cost efficiencies, flexibility, and streamline communications. Energy 350 and RHT Energy were selected to deliver these program elements in Energy Trust’s Territory 2 and Territory 3, respectively.

Cascade has a long history of collaborating on successful DSM programs with Energy Trust. We helped develop and have managed Energy Trust’s Standard Industrial program since 2007, focusing on increasing participation of smaller industrial and agricultural customers. From 2014 to 2015, we also worked closely with Energy Trust’s industrial program management staff on a wholesale redesign of its Core SEM curriculum and have delivered multiple SEM cohorts using this curriculum.

We are excited to work with Energy Trust, AESC, Energy 350, and RHT Energy to continue to bring innovations in cost-effective energy savings to a diverse set of Oregon’s industrial customers.

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