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Energy Sensei Year in Review

Energy Sensei

Empowering Energy Efficiency: A Year in Review

December 18, 2023

In 2023, Energy Sensei focused on enhancing the user experience and connecting energy-saving actions to results. From time-saving enhancements to streamlining program evaluation, the platform has not only evolved but has also played a pivotal role over the years in collectively saving energy and costs for 500 organizations. Let’s take a look at Energy Sensei’s highlight reel for 2023 [cue the music].

Energy Sensei experienced exponential growth this year. We now serve approximately 2,000 sites on the Energy Sensei platform. Programs led by Cascade Energy and using the software collectively completed thousands of energy projects for a staggering $6 million in savings in 2023 – a testament to the effectiveness of Sensei in driving tangible results.


Revamped Performance Overview

Understanding that energy efficiency is rooted in behavior change, we revamped the Performance Overview page to display simpler, interactive energy performance graphs. Program implementers can seamlessly connect actions to results using these graphs overlaid with completed projects and event markers, providing a comprehensive overview of sites’ energy efficiency efforts.


Introducing the Savings Ledger

One of the standout additions this year is the Savings Ledger – a powerful tool that empowers programs to forecast throughout the year and claim savings at year-end. The ledger supports multiple ways to calculate claims – model-driven savings, completed project estimates, and recording claims calculated outside of Sensei. This enhancement not only streamlines the tracking process but also enhances transparency for the myriad stakeholders in an energy management engagement, allowing users to better understand the impact of their energy-saving initiatives.


Custom Dashboards

Recognizing the importance of identifying trends across volumes of data, we now provide the option for custom program dashboards. Dashboards allow program managers to quickly isolate performance indicators and track data health, enabling more informed decision-making for enhanced energy efficiency.


Enhanced User Experience

As users provide feedback, we’ve responded with improvements. We continue to elevate the user experience by adding tooltips for more guidance, user preference settings to customize site selections, and faster load times for data and pages.


Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024

We are proud of the strides our energy management platform has made. The growth in customers, the addition of new features, and the collective impact on energy savings underscore our commitment to driving positive change for people, profit, and our planet. Looking ahead, we are excited about the possibilities that the future holds as we continue to empower individuals and organizations on their journey towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable future

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