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Cascadian Elected to North American SEM Collaborative’s Leadership Team

May 21, 2018

Martin Lott, a Senior SEM Coach at Cascade, was recently elected to the nine-member Leadership Team of the North American SEM Collaborative. The Collaborative was formed in 2018 based on the premise that stakeholders in the US and Canada can achieve more working together than any single utility or organization working alone. The group aims to help accelerate the adoption of SEM in the industrial and commercial sectors throughout North America.

SEM activates teams at industrial facilities to achieve deep energy savings and helps companies better understand where and how energy is used, enabling them to identify and complete projects that produce measurable, sustained energy savings over time. SEM has proven an attractive engagement approach for utilities; it strengthens partnerships between utilities and their customers while delivering staff training and cost-effective savings.

Cascade was an early SEM pioneer and, since 2004, has led SEM engagements in 13 states and two provinces with more than 250 participants. With its deep SEM expertise and its 10 offices across North America, Cascade is well positioned to help the Collaborative achieve its goals.

Martin Lott earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and a master of business administration. He has been an SEM coach for over 10 years and, during that time, has coached more than 100 industrial and commercial sites. He is a key member of Cascade’s SEM team and is ideally qualified to serve the Collaborative in a leadership capacity.

Cascade is excited that Martin was selected for this role and looks forward to being part of a Collaborative working to increase the understanding and implementation of SEM best practices throughout the United States and Canada.

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