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5 Cascadians Became Certified Carbon Auditing Professionals

May 22, 2023

Learn Constantly 

In March, five Cascadians attended AEE’s Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP) course. Each team member took and passed the certification test, officially becoming certified in Carbon Auditing. Congratulations Pam Birkel, Alex Cimino-Hurt, Regan Cronin, Doug Heredos, and Mike Koch!    


AEE’s Carbon Auditing Course 

The AEE Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP) course is designed for those who have distinguished themselves as industry leaders in the carbon reduction field. Following completion of this course, CAPs will be well-equipped to guide clients towards achieving carbon neutrality.    

This course covered global climate change action and legislation, emissions reporting, energy efficient solutions, what tools are used to account for carbon emissions from industry, and more. Armed with this knowledge, our Cascade team will be even better equipped to support our clients. 

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