Community-Focused Candidate Referral Program

A renewed focus on increasing the diversity of our workforce. We are pleased to share our Candidate Referral Program.

Building diverse candidate pipelines

The Candidate Referral Program supports Cascade’s efforts to build diverse candidate pipelines, create diverse interview pools, and fill open positions with the best person for the job. 

We seek to support and maintain relationships with organizations working to improve career opportunities for underrepresented groups, which in turn improves our diverse outreach and hiring capabilities. 

Casting a broader net

While Cascade recognizes the value of candidate referrals from existing employees, this approach can limit the diversity of candidate pools. People tend to network with and refer candidates who are similar to themselves, which can impede diversity efforts, even if unintentional. Participation in this referral program is available to both our employees and to those external to Cascade; this includes customers, vendors, and others we partner within the community. Anyone who refers a successful hire to Cascade can direct the donation of a $500 referral bonus to a professional organization with a focus on serving historically marginalized communities. In 2022, Cascade’s candidate referral program directed $2,500 to three professional organizations.