Diversity Statement and Action Plan

At Cascade Energy, we believe in doing the right thing and are committed to a culture valuing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) and our practices and policies reflect this commitment. As an employee-owned company, our people are our priority as well as our most important competitive advantage.

Diversity Statement

Cascade employees are a unique and varied group of talented, intelligent individuals. We respect our differences and recognize that diversity makes Cascade stronger. We have built a company where people take pride in their work and take advantage of a healthy work environment with many opportunities for professional and personal growth. 

At Cascade Energy, we strive to create diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplaces that align with our company values. We do not tolerate any acts of discrimination by or against our team members, starting with the recruiting process. This DEIA Report (formerly titled Diversity Report) provides an annual update on progress towards our DEIA goals and a summary of DEIA-related activities at Cascade. 

Our Diversity Action Plan

At Cascade, we want it all – the best people for the job AND a diverse team. We will always hire the most qualified individual for the job regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious or political beliefs, and other human differences. At the same time, we employ recruiting efforts that ensure a broad and highly diverse pool of qualified applicants. We are confident that creating broad and diverse applicant pools and the finding the best person the job go hand in hand. 

Cascade published our first DEIA Report in 2015 and restructured our DEI program and team in 2020. Based on employee feedback, we added Accessibility as its own category, distinct from Equity and Inclusion in 2022. Volunteer members of our DEIA Team represent a variety of backgrounds and levels of work experience, from new hires to the C-level and board. The DEIA Team’s charter establishes that “[t]he DEIA Team is responsible for identifying and implementing activities and initiatives that will help Cascade improve the state of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across the company, while being mindful of the development and health of our employees, goals and objectives of our customers, and the greater impact to our communities.” 

At Cascade, we are strategically minded folks and correspondingly, our action plan to improve the state of DEIA within our company and community takes a strategic approach to DEIA. This Action Plan includes: 

  • being transparent about where we are and where we would like to be 
  • continuously tracking our progress and adjusting current activities to achieve set DEIA goals 
  • analyzing results to assist in assessing best practices and reviewing our plan annually to gauge progress and revise future benchmarks or goals as needed 
  • engaging our entire team to ensure diversity and inclusion remain an important part of our business model and culture 
  • equitable hiring practices, prioritizing retention, and creating a culture of inclusion based on our strategic goals and priorities to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility continue to be an important part of

As part of our work to increase transparency of DEIA at Cascade, we author an annual DEIA Report. This report provides a yearly snapshot of our employee demographics, shares ongoing and new initiatives, and gives an update on current DEIA goals. Please read our most recent report above.