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Erik Holman

Erik Holman

Executive Vice President of Operations & Delivery

Erik Holman excels at communicating carefully and diplomatically, singing praises when things succeed and charting measurable action plans when things could be better. In the meantime, he will entertain you with stories from fishing and hiking trips, some gone horribly wrong (ask him about Christmas Island, 2016). It’s these qualities that make Erik so effective at bringing people from diverse backgrounds and interests together to find common ground, helping Cascade exceed expectations and build the kinds of relationships that last for years.

Erik oversees the teams leading Cascade’s core utility demand-side management programs, as well as those focused on corporate energy management, project engineering, and the water/wastewater sector. After starting at Cascade in 2010, he served for seven years as the director of operations for the Bonneville Power Administration’s award-winning Energy Smart Industrial program, managing deliverables, costs, and the activities required to meet program goals. Prior to joining Cascade, Erik spent 25 years in operations, engineering, and external sales and marketing in the silicon manufacturing industry.

Personal Facts

Erik previously managed a facility that, at one time, manufactured the base silicon material for the microprocessors in roughly half of all personal computers sold.


BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Idaho
Lean Manufacturing Certification, 2003