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Energy Management Solutions

We work across the industrial and agricultural sectors

Since our founding in 1993, we have focused on providing comprehensive energy management solutions for the industrial and agricultural sectors, across a wide array of system, process, and equipment types. We partner with our customers to deepen their understanding of energy performance and to maximize energy savings in a cost-effective and sustained way.


Our engineers excel at finding energy-saving solutions in various industrial and agricultural areas. 

Many have experience working in key energy-intensive industries, giving them a deep understanding of the needs of our energy-saving project clients.



Cold storage

Food processing

General manufacturing


Food Processing

Cold Storage
& Distribution


Steel &
Heavy Industry

Wood Products
Primary & Secondary



Pulp & Paper

Resource Extraction

Water / Wastewater


Oil & Gas

Water &

Pulp & Paper


High-Tech, Plastics, Manufacturing, Metals


We have expertise in almost all energy-using subsystems within the industrial and agricultural sectors. Our managers, engineers, analysts, and technicians understand these systems and can effectively identify and implement energy-saving solutions.


Our engineers and technicians have proven leading-edge competencies to find and apply solutions to cut energy waste and carbon emissions.

Established Industry Relationships

Industrial Heat Pumps

50001 Ready Partner

Water and Wastewater

Food and Beverage

Industrial Refrigeration

Carbon Tracking & Reporting

Hear from an expert

“My time in the pulp and paper industry has given me insight into the priorities and opportunities at production facilities. My experience has helped me deliver energy programs that integrate the facility’s needs and priorities with energy savings.”

Monet Springmeyer
Strategic Energy Management Coach
Four years pulp and paper industry experience
With Cascade Energy since 2017

Energy Management Solutions

“Having managed an industrial facility, I realize the competing priorities that facility personnel have for their time & resources. Understanding those priorities helps me to guide customers in identifying strategies to weave energy management into those priorities.”

John Howlett
Strategic Energy Management Coach
12 years chemical industry experience
With Cascade Energy since 2007

Energy Management Solutions

“My prior industrial manufacturing work experience has helped me build relationships with our customers, allowing me to better understand their daily duties and pressure points and relate to their time restrictions relative to new initiatives, like energy efficiency.

Nosh Makujina
Senior Project Engineer
17 years food-processing industry experience
With Cascade Energy since 2007

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