Incentives & Grants

Identifying and pursuing funding to maximize ROI.

Your energy-efficiency project may be eligible for funding from utilities and other agencies. Cascade is uniquely qualified to help you identify and pursue utility incentives, government tax credits, and non-profit grants. As part of our experience designing and running demand-side utility programs, we have a proven track record of securing incentives for customers across the United States and Canada.

More than simple rebates, these programs may include pay-for-performance incentives and even offer co-funding for energy management staffing and O&M improvements. We’ll work with your staff to make sure that you take full advantage of any incentives, tax credits or grants available. We’ll help evaluate potential ROI and then support you through the application process. Cascade also provides project support, post-project measurement and verification (M&V), and reporting.


Cascade is ready to help your customers manage their energy use.