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Unleash your program’s potential

The industrial and agricultural sectors offer the most cost-effective savings around. How deeply are you engaging these customers today? Learn how Cascade is helping utilities motivate their customers for project savings today and strategic engagement forever.

Rein in energy spending

Cascade has the program design expertise, technical know-how, and tailored tools needed to slow the energy meter—even as business booms. Learn how our energy-efficiency programs build an energy management culture and create lasting savings.


GWh of sustained energy savings by 2028

Our Goal

In 2016, we set a goal to deliver 8,000 GWh of sustained energy savings by 2028 (equivalent to the annual electric energy use of 650,000 typical homes). How will we do it? By looking for new and innovative ways to drive energy efficiency and helping our customers operate more efficiently every year.


Saving energy one drop at a time

Improving efficiency without compromising water quality

This video shares the stories of several organizations that decided to become intentional about their energy use. If you want to learn more after hearing about their experiences, please give us a call or send us an email.

Cascade delivers utility-sponsored programs like this in several states. We can also design a customized program specifically for your industry or your organization.

Achieving savings through innovation and collaboration

Working with our program partners at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), Cascade launched the first Wastewater Energy Coaching (WEC) cohort in western New York in 2018 with nine water resource recovery facilities participating. This program, sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), is aimed at bringing strategic energy management (SEM) concepts and organizational awareness to the wastewater industry in New York.

NYSERDA’s program includes one half-day and five full-day workshops, full-day “treasure hunts” for each participant, energy modeling to track savings, and technical and organizational coaching and assistance.

Midway through the engagement, several of the participants came together to share their thoughts about the experience in a short video.


Strategic Energy Management

Activate people and organizations for lasting energy savings

Roll out SEM to engage, to teach, and to inspire your customers to manage energy in a new way.  Help them measure, improve, and sustain. Deliver a new stream of cost-effective savings to your portfolio.

Water and Wastewater Engagement

Uncover deep savings in public infrastructure

Build trust with this risk-averse industry. Engage these customers, their design firms, and their regulators with the right industry professionals, and see energy savings and satisfaction skyrocket.

Streamlined Industrial and Agricultural

Capture big savings from smaller customers and projects

Build a highly streamlined approach that closes the gap between current program offerings and smaller customers. Cut out the complexity and increase the support for your most underserved segments.

Energy Sensei summary graphic

Energy Management Software

Link people, activities, and information.

Energy Sensei is the strategic energy management hub where energy teams measure savings, track project implementation, establish persistence strategies, report results, and export data.


Barbara Dusicka

Barbara Dusicka, Cascade’s Vice President of Technology and Internal Operations, leads the development of our energy management and collaboration software Energy Sensei. With nearly two decades in industrial engineering and energy efficiency, she understands that making energy efficiency happen requires a combination of data, specialized knowledge, motivation, and hands-on implementation.

Thanks to Barbara, our Energy Sensei software focuses on what works to drive action and helps teams collaborate to build persistent energy savings in their workplace.


Cascade is ready to help transform how you and your customers manage energy.