Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Cascade is 100% employee-owned. We believe that ownership mentality only improves the work we do, as we all have a stake in our collective success.

We are proud to offer the benefits of ownership to each employee, elevating our company culture and efforts towards better. Our ESOP model allows us all to continuously build a better company for our customers, our employees, and our planet.

Our journey towards better

In November 2021, Cascade Energy established our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to distribute ownership to employees. We did this so we can keep Cascade as Cascade, as we continue our journey toward better: building a better company for the benefit of our customers, our employees, and our planet.

“Since our founding 28 years ago, Cascade has had a culture centered on shared success. This is so important to us that Seek Shared Success is one of our five named company values,” says Marcus Wilcox, Cascade co-founder and former CEO. “The ESOP model not only aligns with our values but ensures the continuity and strengthening of our culture.”

We believe the employee ownership model aligns well with our mission, while further enhancing our culture and allowing us to continue attracting top talent. We are all responsible for Cascade Energy’s success, and for the success of every one of our clients.