We understand water and wastewater customers (and their limits)

While they are literally everywhere, water and wastewater customers are hard to engage in energy efficiency.

Safe and reliable operation to protect health and the environment is the focus of these customers. Energy efficiency in water and wastewater facilities will never be the most important issue — we get it.

But with oversized systems running inefficiently and cities motivated to reduce operating costs, water and wastewater plants are prime candidates for energy-saving projects.

Our approach


Water and wastewater systems with good energy savings potential.


Water and wastewater personnel in strategic energy management.


Managers and operators to identify and act on energy-saving opportunities.


And build a strong pipeline of future capital projects.


Savings, projects, results, and data using Energy Sensei software.

Water and wastewater at a glance



Participated in energy management projects in ten states through eight utility demand-side management programs.



The typical amount municipalities spend on water and wastewater energy use.



Average energy savings for plants participating in strategic energy management (with the top quartile of participants saving 19%).

Our water and wastewater team

Cascade’s water and wastewater professionals are industry veterans. They are capable of earning the trust of risk-averse operators and managers.

Our experts train managers, engineers, operators, and design firms to identify the abundant savings opportunities at their facilities. We coach them to act on these opportunities to achieve deep and sustained energy savings.

Case Study

In 2014, Idaho Power and Cascade collaborated on a cohort-based SEM offering for the utility’s wastewater treatment customers. Wastewater Energy Efficiency Cohort, or WWEEC, was an intensive program involving 11 of the 12 largest municipal wastewater accounts in Idaho Power’s service area. The cohort transformed the opinions of the participating cities on the value their utility can provide.

Idaho Power Wastewater Energy Efficiency Cohort

11 municipal wastewater treatment plants
5  strategic energy management (SEM) workshops
5  million kWh saved in the first year

For more information, customer testimonials, and tips for saving energy in wastewater treatment plants, see the accompanying case studies developed by Idaho Power and provided with their permission.


Matt Jensen

Matt Jensen, Cascade’s Aquafficiency Program Manager, works with city managers, facility operators, system engineers, and equipment vendors to identify energy-efficiency opportunities within our nation’s public infrastructure. Having served as an elected official in a city that benefitted from Cascade’s efficiency consulting, he joined the effort, trading instrumentation and SCADA programming for energy and water conservation coaching.


Cascade is ready to help your water and wastewater customers manage their energy use.