Utility DSM Programs – SEM Resources

Program Information

Overview of SEM Cohorts

Basic information on SEM cohort design.

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Energy Management Pilot Program Comparison

Comparison of design and incentive structures between BPA and Energy Trust programs.

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BPA_ESI HPEM Cohort 1 Annual Savings

Chart of BPA’s HPEM program showing continuous improvement in energy intensity.

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BPA ESI Program Overview 2014

Publicly available presentation on ESI program savings. Includes focus on ESI’s new offer: Small Industrial High Performance Energy Management.

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Program Evaluations & Savings Methodology

BPA ESI Energy Management Pilot Impact Evaluation 2013

Findings from independent evaluation, by The Cadmus Group, on BPA ESI program’s energy management components

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BPA ESI Program: Process Evaluation 2010-2011

Independent 2012 report on ESI’s program effectiveness.

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BPA ESI Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting (MT&R) Reference Guide 6.0, 2013

ESI program guidelines for creating and maintaining top-down, savings models used for energy management savings accounting.

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2014 Energy Trust: Strategic Energy Management Impact Evaluation: Report on Key Outcomes

Summary results from SEM workshops. Includes SEM evaluators, program providers, and other demand-side management program personnel with experience in SEM.

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Program Worksheets

Energy Driver Discovery Worksheet

SEM program participant worksheet to identify facility energy drivers influencing energy use.

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Incremental Optimization Worksheet

SEM program participant worksheet outlining a specific energy saving opportunity.

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Employee Engagement Worksheet

SEM program participant worksheet designed to set goals promoting employee engagement in energy efficiency.

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