Strategic Energy Management

Cascade Energy's strategic energy management programs help companies…
Industrial Refrigeration Literature

Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide

Download SAMPLE, introductory pages to each chapter. Call 866.321.4573,…

Facility Tune-Ups Increase Efficiency

Just like automobiles, industrial facilities require periodic…

General Contractor: Win More Contracts

Beat the competition with Cascade Energy on your team.

Refrigeration: Achieve Corporate Energy Goals

Some of the biggest consumers of industrial energy are refrigeration…
Henningsen Cold Storage

Henningsen Cold Storage

Company-wide savings of over $450,000 per year achieved.


Over 28.9% energy saved in three years.
Zirkle Fruit

Zirkle Fruit

Facility upgrades reduce energy use by 35%.
SENSEI utility

Your Energy ROI Starts Here

SENSEI: the energy-efficiency platform powered by Cascade.
SENSEI corporate

Your Energy ROI Starts Here

SENSEI connects people to energy information, actions to results,…
Boost Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line

Controlling your energy costs can help your company increase…
Utility Energy Resource

Harvest Your Lowest Cost Resource

Industrial facilities have big, complex systems that are ripe…
Do More With Less Energy

Do More With Less Energy

Find out how an energy management program can help you trim costs…