Sysco Renews Contract with Cascade Energy

Sysco, the world’s largest foodservice distributor, will renew their contract with Cascade. The new contract builds on a partnership established nine years ago, to aggressively reduce energy use at Sysco facilities.

In 2005, Sysco asked Cascade to help them meet their energy efficiency goals. Under Sysco’s direction, Cascade developed a multifaceted, company-wide energy management program aimed at reducing energy use at 110 Sysco food distribution warehouses. By the end of 2014, Sysco had reduced their distribution center energy intensity by 41%. In addition to energy management services, Cascade also provides Sysco with Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) support for data reporting.

“Sysco has always had ambitious energy efficiency goals, and their executive support for continuous improvement is outstanding,” said Cascade Energy founder and CEO, Marcus Wilcox. “Our team is excited to roll up our sleeves and get started on this next phase of improvement.”

To achieve additional savings, the strategic energy management program will combine measurement, modeling, training, certification, and targeted facility tune-ups. Cascade’s award-winning energy management software system, SENSEI®, will be implemented to track facility and companywide energy performance. The new, multi-year scope of work ranges from developing predictive energy models and delivering tune-ups to continued support for Sysco’s annual CDP reporting of energy, water, and other carbon constituents