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Rob Morton

Rob Morton

Founder Emeritus, Board Member

In 2016, Cascade Energy set a 10-year goal to help our clients save a cumulative 900 average Megawatts by 2025 (roughly equivalent to $6 billion in cumulative energy cost savings at $0.08 per kWh). Rob Morton has broad responsibility for Cascade’s business strategies to make those savings possible. To succeed at this scale, Cascade will require a greater geographic reach, new customers, effective programs, new technology, and an ever-growing and ever-learning team.

Rob started out as project engineer and evolved toward a program designer. He has been instrumental in the conception of multiple demand-side management program offerings, including Bonneville Power Administration’s Energy Smart Industrial Program and Energy Trust of Oregon’s Streamlined Industrial approach. As a founding owner of Cascade, Mr. Morton has been focused on industrial energy efficiency since 1991.

Personal Facts

Rob enjoys casting flies to steelhead and trout in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. On the rare occasion, he even catches one.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University