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Jinsy Oommen

Jinsy Oommen

Director of Energy Sensei

Jinsy Oommen has been with Cascade Energy since 2014 and has over 18 years of experience creating and delivering software. Her domain experience in the software industry includes network and device management platforms, e-commerce tools, healthcare software, and now the energy management space with Energy Sensei.  

Designing software is both a creative and a procedural endeavor with substantial collaboration between the stakeholder and the team. Jinsy takes every opportunity she gets to banish the archaic stereotype of a solo programmer who sits in a basement and churns out code. In her current role, she manages and leads the development and delivery of Energy Sensei, a software created through the collective energy-saving experiences of Cascade Energy and our customers. Jinsy ascribes to the principles of servant leadership, which helps our organization build better products by fostering an environment of ownership, community, constant learning, and experimentation without fear of failure.  

She is passionate about process improvements for both development and delivery of software, building egoless teams, exploring innovative technologies, cross functional team collaboration, and bringing diverse voices to the table.  

Personal Facts

Outside of work, Jinsy enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband and two daughters, a yellow lab named Nemo, and a grey pearl cockatiel named Pluto. She loves living in the Pacific Northwest and delights in catching the sunrise over the mountains on those rare cloudless daysShe equally enjoys reading technical blogs and watching cleaning and organization hacks on TikTok 


MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Portland State University