Energy Monitoring

Delivering energy data that’s meaningful and actionable.

A key element of a successful energy management program involves performance data that has been quantified and interpreted in ways that are both meaningful and actionable.

Cascade offers comprehensive energy monitoring services for electricity, gas, and fuel oil, as well as water input and effluent. Our energy monitoring products and services for industrial corporations include system design and documentation, monitoring hardware and installation, cellular or Ethernet data transmission, utility bill entry, database management, data normalization and predictive analytics, online data display, customizable alarms, training and support, reporting by site, region, and enterprise. We built a powerful and easy-to-use energy efficiency platform called Energy Sensei that not only tracks energy usage, but encourages action to reduce it. Energy Sensei was specifically designed to facilitate effective energy management programs.

Improving efficiency begins with knowing how much energy you are using.

But you also need to know:

  • What impact do weather conditions, production rates, process variables, etc. have on energy efficiency?
  • Are energy saving measures delivering the expected results?
  • Are energy management targets being met?
  • Which facilities are operating most efficiently?
  • How does facility energy consumption compare to industry benchmarks?

We can help you answer these questions and many more. Cascade offers complete turn-key services, or we can scale to meet your specific requirements.


Cascade is ready to help your customers manage their energy use.