Community-Focused Candidate Referral Program

A renewed focus on increasing the diversity of our workforce

We are pleased to announce our new Community-Focused Candidate Referral Program

Increasing Candidate Diversity

The Community-Focused Candidate Referral Program supports Cascade’s efforts to increase the diversity of candidates who apply to our open positions.

By establishing and maintaining relationships with a targeted list of professional organizations, we seek to improve our diversity outreach and hiring capabilities. This referral program is part of a broader talent acquisition and recruiting strategy focused on increasing diversity at Cascade.

Casting a Broader Net

While Cascade recognizes the value of candidate referrals through existing employees, feedback and well-documented research shows that this approach can limit the pool of diverse candidates. This happens because we tend to network with and refer candidates similar to ourselves, which can impact diversity efforts, even if unintentional.

Do you have a great candidate to refer?