Carbon Tracking & Reporting

Having an accurate, reliable, and timely set of data is key to successfully implementing an energy management or decarbonization plan.  

Energy Management

Scale Your Energy Savings the Easier Way

Simply having data doesn’t mean you are generating insights and tracking your savings. Afterall, who wants to sift through 35,000 files in Excel just to get a year’s worth of 15- minute data? That’s where Energy Sensei™, our energy management software comes in.

Follow your energy projects from identified to done

Build and manage energy savings processes with expert guidance

Track, share, and celebrate your team's energy savings progress

Grow a company culture geared towards energy efficiency

Energy Sensei for Energy Management

Energy Sensei™ is a secure hub that tracks your energy performance and energy management projects. It’s used by energy efficiency programs throughout North America and developed by experts and engineers who understand the specific hurdles faced in the industrial sector. 

Expanding your energy efficiency beyond single projects and locations doesn’t have to be  overwhelming; Energy Sensei™ replicates your successful strategies with ease while keeping your  teams on track to meet their energy use program’s goal.

Energy Sensei