Facility Tune-Ups

Optimizing efficiency in existing systems and processes.

You don’t have to embark on lengthy and expensive capital projects to improve the energy efficiency of your facility. In fact, the greatest energy and cost savings are often achieved by optimizing the facility’s existing systems and processes—typically at little or no capital cost.
Cascade Energy offers facility tune-ups that help you increase energy efficiency by identifying improvements that are fast and cost-effective. Tune-ups can be performed on a specific subsystem, such as refrigeration, compressed air and boiler systems, or an entire facility. We also provide a “cohort” approach for training and sharing best practices over multiple facilities.

Here’s what you can expect from a Cascade Energy facility tune-up:


An energy engineer and experienced technician will spend several days onsite reviewing your systems, processes, production variables, and company culture.


A comprehensive list of energy and cost saving recommendations—both short- and long-term that typically include mechanical fine-tuning, and adjustments to operations and maintenance (O&M) practices.


In addition to providing training and recommending O&M modifications that deliver immediate savings, Cascade can help you sustain and grow your savings over time through our comprehensive energy management programs.

Cascade is ready to help your customers manage their energy use.