Energy Certification

Achieving certification and improving energy-efficiency performance.

Modern businesses face increasing pressure from shareholders and customers to demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency. ISO 50001, Superior Energy Performance (SEP), and LEED endorsements place an industry-recognized stamp of approval on the energy performance of facilities, equipment, and operations.

With certified ISO auditors and practitioners, Cascade can develop and implement ISO-focused energy management programs. As an experienced LEED consultant, we help industrial and agricultural companies achieve certification and improve their energy-efficiency performance.

As with all Cascade projects and programs, certification is not the only goal. Our main objective is to build customized solutions that help our customers continually improve their energy performance. Some companies may choose to implement these standards for the benefits they provide without becoming certified, while others may decide that certification is an important demonstration of their commitment to energy efficiency. In either case, Cascade can assist you with a solution that meets your needs.

Talk to a Cascade LEED consultant to achieve certification and improve energy efficiency performance.