Henningsen Cold Storage

Cascade Energy teams up with Henningsen Cold Storage Company to reduce their energy usage by over 1.1 million kWH/year, equaling more than $51,000 annual savings (based on 1996 rates).



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  • Reduced energy cost
  • Less wear on equipment
  • Improved temperature control
  • Better understanding of system performance

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Energy Savings

  • 1,140,000 kWh per year
  • 42% of base energy use
  • Energy Cost Savings: $51,000 /yr (1996 rates)


Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Henningsen Cold Storage Co. is a full-service, public refrigerated warehousing company with more than 42 million cubic feet of frozen and refrigerated warehouse space in six states.

Efficiency From the Ground Up

During the summer of 1995, planning was nearly complete on a new cold-storage facility in Gresham, Oregon when Cascade Energy was asked to recommend cost-effective energy efficiency measures. Cascade’s unique approach to energy efficiency has ensured this 50,000-square-foot facility, providing food-storage and blast-freezing services to customers, is still an outstanding example of best practices in energy-efficient industrial refrigeration at a minimal operating cost.

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