Carbon Tracking: Save Green by Being Green

More and more industrial companies are feeling the sustainability squeeze. These days the pressure to “go green” comes from multiple directions, including boards and shareholders, clients and customers, changing government regulations, as well as from increased energy and water costs.

Given this scenario, it’s not surprising that industrial companies are interested in achieving a measure of profitable sustainability AND sharing their success with employees, customers, and shareholders. Still more benefits can be seen when a company decides to go further, by choosing to make a public commitment to carbon and water tracking via a program such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Carbon Disclosure Project

According to their website, the CDP “is an independent non-profit organization working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sustainable water use by business and cities.” They currently manage the largest database in the world of corporate climate change carbon and water-based data.

Corporations that track carbon emissions and the consumption of other resources can respond to an annual CDP questionnaire. They are scored based on the data disclosed, long-term improvements made in greenhouse gas emissions and water use, as well as corporate goals and policies.

When this data is communicated and shared by major corporations and cities, it can be a tremendously positive force for change.

To Learn More …

Certainly the CDP website has a plethora of information. You might find 10 Tips – How to Improve Your CDP Scores and Generate Business Value a valuable resource.