Cascade Energy announces a new partnership between SENSEI and the refrigeration consulting and design engineering firm, MINUS40. As a leading engineering consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia, MINUS40 specializes in refrigeration, process cooling, and industrial HVAC and heat recovery systems. Together, SENSEI and MINUS40 offer deep expertise in energy efficiency, industrial refrigeration, thermal engineering, and energy management.

SENSEI is an essential component of any energy management program. SENSEI helps your team stay motivated and on task when it comes to tracking and performing energy-saving actions that make a difference to your company’s bottom line. Think of SENSEI as your:

  • Energy scorecard, measuring use, calculating and tracking savings, reporting results
  • Energy-saving watchdog, offering anytime, anywhere access to energy information via push reports, alerts, and alarms
  • Energy-team bulletin board, promoting better communication and collaboration through instant sharing of projects, actions, documents, reports

MINUS40 offers full project development services, from concept to completion including:

Both Cascade Energy and MINUS40 are committed to delivering profitable sustainability through sound system design, and effective energy-management tools and programs that drive ongoing energy and cost savings customers can count on over the long haul.