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Cascade’s Layne McWilliams Wins Achievement Award

Cascade Energy is incredibly excited and proud that our Water/Wastewater Program Manager, Layne McWilliams, has won PNCWA‘s achievement award.

This award is presented to a PNCWA member who is most deserving of special recognition as a result of distinguished service rendered in the interest of pollution abatement, and who has contributed fundamentally and practically to the advancement of the industry.

Layne McWilliams has worked tirelessly for over a decade to educate, encourage, and facilitate the adoption of Energy Efficiency measures in wastewater plants throughout the region. Recognizing that energy efficiency was historically ignored in developing this industry’s infrastructure, he has made it his personal mission to help plants understand and implement the excellent opportunities that exist to reduce energy use while continuing to safely carry out the important mission of cleaning water. He is trusted by vendors, plant staff, plant managers, regulators, and consultants throughout the region as a go-to resource for All Things Energy, and has provided technical assistance to over a hundred projects saving millions of kilowatt-hours. He does this with humility, patience, and a sense of humor that builds great relationships moving the industry forward. In recognition of his success and knowledge, he is being asked by other regions around the country to help them start to implement energy efficiency, and he carries the successful efforts of PNCWA members to other facilities around the nation. The Utility of the Future will necessarily be an energy efficient utility, and thanks to the efforts of Layne McWilliams the Pacific Northwest is leading the nation in showing how it’s done.

Congratulations Layne!