Rob has been analyzing and implementing industrial energy efficiency projects since 1991, and currently has broad responsibility for Cascade’s business lines, internal functions, and new product and service development. He has been instrumental in the conception and execution of multiple demand-side management (DSM) program offerings and market transformation projects, including the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Evaporator Fan VFD Initiative and Bonneville Power Administration’s award-winning Energy Smart Industrial program. Cascade partners with utilities and agencies offering DSM programs to industrial customers. Rob has helped guide these programs with innovations based on his insight into the opportunities and unique challenges of the industrial energy efficiency marketplace.

Rob’s more than 20 years of frontline experience as an engineer, analyst, efficiency advocate, program representative, and program innovator have helped shape his vision as a leader at Cascade as the firm delivers a growing portfolio of programs and projects.


BS, Mechanical Engineering with Distinction, Stanford University

Interesting Personal Facts

Rob was a rocket scientist (technically a spacecraft engineer) before switching to the energy efficiency field and ultimately joining Marcus Wilcox and Mike McDevitt to found Cascade Energy in 1993.