Since joining Cascade Energy in 2002, Glen Thomas has supported the evaluation and implementation of hundreds of industrial energy efficiency projects across North America. His current responsibilities include management of the Utah project engineering group, as well as oversight of Cascade’s strategic energy management services, training services, and multiple internal functions.

In 2010, Glen joined the Cascade ownership team. Since that time, he has worked to improve internal business systems and recruit top talent to Cascade. He has directed the wholesale replacement of key business systems in order to keep Cascade positioned for future growth and prosperity. Along with the other executives, Glen maintains the long-term strategic vision for the company and works to communicate this vision to employees and customers alike.

Glen has a heavy industrial manufacturing background, with ten years in the steel industry prior to joining Cascade. In addition to expertise in pumping and hydraulics, his experience as a project manager, maintenance manager, and production manager has helped him quickly understand the needs and perspectives of the industrial customers he assists with energy efficiency projects. Glen has extensive experience in guiding customers through the technical requirements of industrial demand-side management (DSM) programs, and has led several facility tune-ups at industrial sites across the country. In addition, he is certified as a Qualified Pumping System Specialist by the US Department of Energy.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University
Executive MBA, Brigham Young University

Interesting Personal Facts

Glen enjoys living near the mountains and likes to take advantage of opportunities to camp and hike with his family. He is an avid reader and especially loves reading the classics and history.