Erik joined Cascade Energy in 2010, following 25 years in operations, engineering, and external sales and marketing in the silicon manufacturing industry. Erik oversees Bonneville Power Administration’s award-winning Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program. He manages all ESI program operations for Cascade. In the first two years of operation, the ESI program tripled its annual industrial energy savings. In 2011,the Bonneville Power Administration received the Association of Energy Services Professionals’ award for ESI’s industrial program design and implementation.

Erik’s skill in effective communication builds strong working relationships across all levels of corporate infrastructure. His current responsibilities include overseeing the various ESI program groups to ensure that they remain on track to meet program goals. He also works with Cascade subcontractors on program processes and procedures.


BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Idaho

Interesting Personal Facts

Erik previously managed a facility that, at one time, manufactured the base material for the microprocessors in roughly half of all personal computers sold.