Sustainability at Cascade Energy—Doing the Right Thing

We take pride in our commitment to conduct Cascade’s business in a sustainable and responsible manner, ensuring both the health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment. Our employees live our values through the work they do every day by doing the right thing to make industry more energy efficient. Cascade is committed to increasing our company’s sustainability and decreasing our environmental impact through continued improvements to our business practices and operations.

Cascade’s sustainability goals include:

  • Improving energy-efficiency services to our customers
  • Sharing our sustainability expertise with our community
  • Encouraging our suppliers in their sustainability efforts
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling at all of our offices and at company events
Our 2017 achievements
  • Achieved over 43 aMW toward our 10-year goal of 900 aMW of energy savings by 2025.
  • Reduced use of paper and toner. Printing costs, including toner, paper, and printing services, decreased by 28% per employee, despite increased costs for better quality toner.
  • Expand engagement efforts beyond our Portland headquarters. Six out of seven offices implemented at least one action item for a total of 15 action items completed.
  • Engaged suppliers on sustainability practices. We developed the Diversity and Sustainability Procurement Form and sent it to our subcontractors, consultants, vendors, and suppliers to gather information about their sustainability practices.
  • Achieved the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work Gold-level certification for our Portland headquarters. We documented 48 of 61 sustainability actions in categories such as community engagement, water-use reduction, energy-use reduction, alternative transportation, employee engagement, and reduce/reuse/recycle.
  • Cascade staff across five offices participated in Love to Ride’s Bike More Challenge. In the month of May, nearly 30 Cascadians cycled a total of 2,869 miles, resulting in 1,537 pounds of CO2 avoided.
Learn More

You can read our 2017 Annual Sustainability Report here and our 2016 Annual Sustainability Report here. Our Sustainability and Environmental Statement can be found here.