Cascade Energy’s strength comes from 20 years on the job at facilities that make up the industrial backbone of modern life. We’ve seen just about every type and configuration of industrial system—but we’re always learning. Cascade was founded by engineers, and we pride ourselves on providing both our utility and corporate customers with practical solutions that drive results. Customers believe in us because, in addition to our expertise, we offer on-the-ground technical support—we roll up our sleeves and turn the wrenches alongside on-site staff. We stand behind our customers, coaching them to become efficiency experts in their own right—fully capable of reaching their energy goals and realizing their full energy-saving potential.


20 YEARS—Deep, hands-on technical expertise

350 SITES—Monitoring energy performance at more than 350 industrial sites

2,000 PROJECTS—Analyzed and implemented more than 2,000 energy efficiency projects

250 FACILITIES—On-site tune-up and retro-commissioning of nearly 250 industrial facilities

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    Our people are bright, dedicated, hardworking, and fun! We’ve built a company where people take pride in their work and can take advantage of many opportunities for growth.

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  • History


    Learn about our humble beginnings and how far we’ve come.

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