Efficiency Coaching

Raise Your Efficiency IQ

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  • We offer behavior-based programs that coach on-site staff to get the most out of industrial systems.

    You don’t have to be an energy-saving genius to recognize that large, complex industrial systems, running for hours on end, consume copious amounts of energy.You might even consider it a “no brainer” to launch an energy efficiency program focused on driving cost and energy reductions through capital improvements or upgrades to existing equipment. But, did you know that even with the world’s most efficient system in place, unplanned and costly spikes in energy usage can still occur?

    One of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of improved equipment or better technology is to bring your people on board. When you take a behavior-based approach to energy management by educating and engaging your employees, you open the door to consistent, long term reductions in cost and energy. The right mix of technology and strategy combined with education and coaching will help motivate your employees to take ongoing action that can add up to significant savings over the long haul.

    Learn more about the benefits of behavior-based programs.